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Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s Farmland Access Initiative
The demand for locally grown food is rapidly increasing in the Pittsburgh region. Rising costs of land make it difficult for farmers, particularly new farmers, to find farmland close to urban markets. To address these needs, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s Farmland Access Initiative will acquire land to lease to local farmers. During the next three years, the Conservancy is working to acquire several local farms that are suitable for diverse, small-scale agricultural operations and are easily accessible to the Pittsburgh market. Once properties are acquired, WPC will lease them to local farmers. Farmers who desire to lease properties can submit proposals to WPC’s Farmland Access Initiative. After evaluating these proposals, WPC will select farmers to lease each property based on the suitability of their proposal for the program. Local partners will provide a key role in assisting WPC in selecting tenants for the farms acquired. Long-term leases will be developed to ensure that the farmers can rely on the availability of land while they develop their farm operations.

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Choosing a Farm
Items to consider when choosing a farm.

Acquiring Real Estate
Questions to consider when buying real estate and personal assets such as machinery and livestock.

Center for Rural Affairs
Farmer and rancher linking programs and many other resources.

Ag Leasing 101
Multi-state materials which help land owners and land operators make informed and equitable leasing decisions.

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