For Landowners

In most cases, there is nothing more important to you then the land you farm. After all, it has offered you your livelihood and may even have been passed down through the generations to you.

However, as time marches on, you’re not getting any younger. It’s never too early to think about what you want to do with the farm. The earlier you start, the more opportunities you give yourself.

Through entering your farm in our database, you allow us to assist you by matching you with beginning farmers who may be a good fit for your farm. You may choose whether you’d like to lease or sell your farm.  The amount of information you share is your choice but the more details you can provide will allow interested entering farmers to understand what you are offering.

No personal information is listed on database members’ listings as per the PA Farm Link privacy policy.  When an entering farmer expresses interest in your listing, PFL will ask for a resume and cover letter to be sent to us and we in turn will forward to you the landowner for review.  It will then be up to you if you contact the interested party to discuss your farm opportunity.

Please note this is an online database with the majority of communication from PFL completed via email.

The value of the registration fee ($100): 1.) Your listing will be available to the public 24/7, 365 days a year; 2.) There is no commission or additional fees associated with your listing as long as you are actively looking for a tenant or someone to buy and as long as you respond to our annual update questionnaire; 3.) Your listing will be shared via social media, email, distributed at various agricultural programs that PA Farm Link is participating in, and included in PFL e-newsletters; and 4.) PFL staff are available to you to help answer questions or connect you to other agricultural organizations, all free of charge.

The registration process:

Step 1. A one time fee of $100.00 is charged to enter the database; payable via the PayPal button on the registration page. The fee helps to defray the costs of database work and online listing.

Step 2. Please fill out the form for the landowner on the registration page and submit it. ***Please be sure to answer all questions and/or check all applicable boxes on the form so that your application can be reviewed, accepted, and posted in a timely manner.

If you need assistance to complete the payment or the application, please call 717-705-2121 or email

Please Note: If your application is accepted by PA Farm Link and activated in the online database system, you will be required to complete an annual update of your information as well as respond to emails regarding your status as questions arise.  If you do not respond, your listing will be deactivated and a fee will be charged to reactivate the listing.  This will help in ensure an accurate list of farms available to interested new farmers

*** PA Farm Link can not guarantee a match with a farm owner but the staff will do their best to advertise your listing and search for matches in our system.