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Join the database in November for only $75. Contact PFL at or 717-705-2121 to find out how to take advantage of the 25% discount.

See an Entering Farmer you’re interested in? If so, please email details about your farm operation as well as contact details.  This information will be sent to the Entering Farmer for review.

PFL has a privacy policy that will not allow our organization to provide database names/contact information to interested parties.  What information PFL has is listed on each individual listing.  If interested in discussing your farming operation the Entering Farmer will contact the landowner directly.   

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Name County Type Method Education Experience
Entering Farmer 20145 Livestock Vegetable
Entering Farmer 20063 Lebanon Crops Dairy Livestock Conventional College/Technical over 4 years 7 or more
Entering Farmer 20105 Chester Fruit Vegetable Organic College/Technical 4 year 5 to 6
Entering Farmer 20078 Butler Crops Dairy Conventional High School
Entering Farmer 20120 Bedford Blair Franklin Lancaster York Crops Livestock Vegetable Organic 7 or more
Entering Farmer 20100 Crops Dairy Livestock Not Sure College/Technical 2 year 7 or more
Entering Farmer 20064 Berks Bucks Chester Montgomery Crops Livestock Conventional College/Technical over 4 years 7 or more