Landowner Listing 30096

Looking for full-time dairy herdsman, milkshare partnership, or dairy barn renter.  The agreement can be very flexible, depending on the applicant and their situation.  Tenants may be able to bring in their own cows, work with the owners on a milk share agreement, etc.

We are for now dairy farming conventionally.  We have exceptional forage available, growing our own silage, haylage, and hay.  We do grow GMO-free feed corn for silage.  There may be opportunity for someone coming in to work towards an organic operation given the right plan. There may be acres available to graze dairy cattle given the right situation.

We do have a current milk market as well as operate a small raw milk operation on the side - fully inspected and insured.

We have a 100% Angus bull for natural breeding. This gives us our beef animals. AI breeding can also be done for replacement heifers.

Liquid manure storage and gutter system in the barn eliminates the need for a barn cleaner and manure spreading.

Pasture rotation system.

3 BR apartment available on the property.



House Available on Property: Yes

Conservation Plan: No

Deed Restrictions: No

Nutrient Management: Yes

Will Sell or Lease Equipment: No

Number of Barns: 1-3

Parlor System: Tie-Stall

Cows Available: Yes

Number of Cows: Less than 100 cows

Maximum number of cows facility can handle: Less than 100 cows

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Farm Type: Dairy

County: Wayne

Region: Region 3

Acres: 51 to 100

Farming Method: Conventional

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