Landowner Listing 30035

Small herd of registered Holsteins, have18 head currently. Bred approximately 70 Excellent cows over the years.

Dairy of Distinction 31 yrs. ago and farm has been in family 100 yrs.

Looking for someone to lease dairy facilities.  Opportunity would not be a paid position.  Interested parties would need to bring in their own cows and purchase their own feed.  New water well has been drilled.

Owner encourages interested parties to discuss this opportunity - maybe the right opportunity for those just starting out with little equity to build a herd over time. 

Small one person apt is available on the farm; if other housing is needed you would need to rent locally.

15,000 bale

65 x 18 silo = 500 ton corn silage

100 round bale storage

Local corn and hay growers available.

64 tie stall area with dry cow area available. Potential to bring in 80 cows. 3-4 areas where cows can be brought into freshen.

DeLaval pipeline system, 2" w/ dual pulse, new compressor.  New gutter system in tie-stall barn, VA style heifer barn, and other heifer/bull/steer building. Cement exercise lots utilized daily. The dairy cattle are kept in excellent condition with constant care.

Property located in Saratoga County, New York.  North of Albany - between Saratoga and Amsterdam.

Total Acres: 210

Reason for Offering Farm: Other

Additional information regarding dairy operation:

House Available on Property: Yes

Conservation Plan: Yes

Deed Restrictions: No

Nutrient Management: Yes

Will Sell or Lease Equipment: Yes

Number of Barns: 3

Facility Setup: Tie-stall

Parlor System: Tie-stall

Cows Available: Yes

Number of Cows: Less than 100 cows

Maximum number of cows facility can handle: Less than 100 cows

Manure Storage Capacity: N/A

Feed Storage Capacity: 15,000 bale65 x 18 silo = 500 ton corn silage100 round bale storage

Farm Type: Dairy

Region: Region 3

Acres: 101 to 200

Farming Method: Conventional

Looking for someone to: Lease

PA Farm Link maintains a privacy policy with our Landowners and cannot provide contact information to interested parties. If you are interested in this farming opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter to Your information will be sent to the Landowner for review and if interested, they will contact you directly to discuss their farming situation.

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