Landowner Listing 30002

Well-established farm family training and mentoring beginning farmers in grass-based and organic dairying through paid formal apprenticeship.  Graduates learn grazing and pasture management, earn USDA-recognized "Journey Dairy Grazier" status, and may have opportunity to build their own herd, sharemilk the owners' herd or start their own dairy.  Currently owners milk 65 cows on 135 acres of pasture and ship certified 100% grass-fed organic commodity milk.   Share lease and share milk arrangements only available to people who have successfully completed an apprenticeship. Master grazier working through the nationally accredited Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program (see for more information).  If interested in this opportunity for 2020 please contact PA Farm Link.  *** PLEASE NOTE: There is an apprenticeship opportunity through DGA that one day might result in a lease offer.  This is NOT a straight lease opportunity.

Located in Tioga County, NY. (One mile north of Bradford County, PA)

Total Acres: 225

Reason for Offering Farm: Education and Dairy Start Up Incubator

Additional information regarding dairy operation: Is your current land base available for crop production? NO. All perennial pasture. How many barns are currently available on your facility? 2 What is the type of facility set up currently? Grazing operation - high tensile electric perimeter fencing, improved laneways, well water to all pastures. What type of parlor system is available? NZ Swing Parlor with 10 milkers Do you currently have a herd of cows that you would be able to sell or provide to oncoming farmer? Yes What size of an operation is your facility able to maintain? Less than 150 cows What is your current manure storage capacity? None Please provide any further information you would like to share regarding your dairy operation. NZ Swing 10 parlor, bank barn (for heifers). Must remain in dairy production under certified organic management. 135 acres fenced improved pasture with laneways & water.

House Available on Property: No

Conservation Plan: Yes

Deed Restrictions: No

Nutrient Management: No

Will Sell or Lease Equipment: Yes

Number of Barns: 2

Facility Setup: Grazing operation - high tensile electric perimeter fencing, improved laneways, well water to all pastures.

Parlor System: Parlor

Cows Available: Yes

Maximum number of cows facility can handle: Less than 150 cows

Farm Type: Dairy

Region: Region 3

Acres: 201 to 500

Farming Method: Organic

Looking for someone to: Lease

PA Farm Link maintains a privacy policy with our Landowners and cannot provide contact information to interested parties. If you are interested in this farming opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter to Your information will be sent to the Landowner for review and if interested, they will contact you directly to discuss their farming situation.

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