Landowner Listing 30104

This property is being offered by the Western PA Conservancy.  The Western PA Conservancy is now accepting bids for two plots of land to lease for agricultural production in Mercer County.

The property located at 218 Uber Rd., Mercer County, was acquired by WPC in December 2018 as part of WPC’s Farmland Access Program.  The property consists of 45.79 acres total, with approximately 18.5 acres of agricultural fields.  Existing structures include a double-wide manufactured home with attached garage, a single-story frame house, a large detached garage, a bank barn (circa 1888), and a small tool shed.  The structures have been vacant since 2015, but the property has been maintained – the houses heated, the lawn mowed regularly, and the fields mowed annually.

Since WPC’s acquisition, all structures have been inspected, the water has been tested, and both propane tanks have been filled.  Priority repairs to the houses and barn have been identified, and contractor bids are currently being sought.  Minor repairs and debris removal will be completed by WPC staff and volunteers.

Soil tests have been completed for the agricultural fields, and the results are available upon request.  It is proposed to treat the fields with agricultural lime later this spring.

The 18.5 acres available for production are broken into different sections and bids will be taken for two leased areas, each consisting of around 9 acres.  Housing is available through a separate lease.

Request for Proposals Deadline:  Proposals will be accepted until leases are awarded.

For a full proposal description email .

House Available on Property: Yes

Conservation Plan: No

Deed Restrictions: Yes

Nutrient Management: No

Will Sell or Lease Equipment: No

Number of Barns: 1

Cows Available: No

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Farm Type: Vegetable

County: Mercer

Region: Region 1

Acres: 1 to 10

Looking for someone to: Lease

PA Farm Link maintains a privacy policy with our Landowners and cannot provide contact information to interested parties. If you are interested in this farming opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter to Your information will be sent to the Landowner for review and if interested, they will contact you directly to discuss their farming situation.

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