Entering Farmer 20155

Farm family looking to lease land to crop - anywhere from 100-500 acres in the Tioga County area.  No housing needed.

I grew up as a conventional dairy farmer for about 12 years and learned that milking cows was not really my thing, but I loved the equipment and working the land. So in 2009 I did an internship in Texas, for organic livestock production. There I learned that there was another way other than conventional farming, that actually helps people live healthier lives. Since then to pay the bills I've worked with my father doing a completely different business. But have always had the desire to get back into farming.

In 2020 my father and I started a business plan to start and ramp up an organic, no-till crop farm to the point where we can go full time and sell our other business by the year 2024. So now we are in the first year of the business plan which includes finding land and getting our feet wet in this new adventure into organic no-till farming. My father is a marketing genius and I am well versed in the way farms work and production. So together with our wives, we make a great team.

Honestly, we are tired of the office work that never ends in corporate America. It has been my dream to be a crop farmer, forever.  Now we are in the position to actually do it and be debt-free so we are going for it. The vision is to get as many acres as possible under our farm to start turning our local land back into high organic matter, high-yielding, low erosion land once again. It's no secret that conventional farming is killing our land, whether it's from erosion of the tillage, or the chemicals, my goal is to bring back farming to the way it was meant to be, big tractors and no synthetic inputs.

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: Yes

Farm Type: Crops

County: Tioga

Region: Region 2

Farming Method: Organic

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