Entering Farmer 20144

I am currently renting land, a 1/2 acre, from The Seed Farm in Emmaus where I’m growing mostly carrots but also peas, cucumbers, herbs and peppers. The name of my farm is called Pickle Penny Patch which is taken from a family heritage of being PA Dutch market gardeners only they called it a “truck patch” back in the early 1900s where they grew many things and sold them in town. My dream would be to have a small farm for my children to finish growing up on while I farm and also run my main business of 15 years as a massage therapist. I am built for this and would love to explore the option of living on the land I’m tending like I did as a child (only I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now). An on site farm stand would be spectacular. I have gardening history since I was a kid through adulthood with a small city garden in Bethlehem. Last summer I borrowed a greenhouse and wholesaled cucumbers back to the owners whom I am also currently selling produce to this season. Two summers ago I volunteered at The Seed Farm from June to October which got me back into the game knowing I could do more.

Looking to lease or rent to own land with housing.  Looking for a smaller farm of under 10 acres or a partial lease arrangement for @10 acres from a larger farm.

Would like to stay close to the Lehigh county area.  Acreage in Northampton or certain parts of Berks/Montgomery/Bucks may also work.


Reason: I currently live in an apartment and it is difficult to schedule time away from my children (ages 13 & 10 1/2) for farming and also for my massage business. It is far easier to be able to live on the land and not have to drive to take care of things. When I’m working on my plot of land at The Seed Farm all I want to do is stay there and work or take a quick lunch break and get back to work. I often find myself there until sunset and I can no longer see what I’m doing! Traveling back and forth to take care of home responsibilities can get complicated and tiring. If I had my own farm to live on I would be able to do so much more than I’m currently doing.


Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: No

Farm Type: Vegetable

County: Lehigh

Region: Region 7

Acres: 1 to 10

Farming Method: Organic Sustainable

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