Entering Farmer 20142

I’m an inspiring student enrolled at Cornell University for Agriculture - small farm program.  I have been planting all my life and now I’m looking for farm land to rent or lease to pursue my second goal in life - to become a farmer.   I do have a business plan.

At present,  I am raising chickens and selling free range eggs to 15 customers in Pennsylvania and in New York City.  I first started out with six chickens & five customers.  One year later I have 15 customers total and 18 chickens.   I have a goal to raise organic vegetables and livestock if possible.   I have two locations picked out, one location is New York City where I used to live and the second is East Stroudsburg- I live just 7 miles north.

I’m looking for a 100 x 100 or 200 x 200 lot just to get started during planting season.

I’m in Monroe County and the area I’m looking is around Bangor, PA which is about 30 minutes from where I live.  I’m willing to drive an hour to the location.

Jay is a market for organic foods. It's a multibillion dollar industry that’s getting bigger every year and I would like to capitalize on it- the market is out there for growth and for new entrepreneurs like myself.

I am willing to share my produce with the landowner and family.


I am a retired Ironworker working 33 years in construction in New York City.

I am now living in Pennsylvania for the past six years.

I am a volunteer firefighter with Marshall’s Creek fire Company Station 29 in Marshall Creek Pa.

I’m a member of the Knights of Columbus chapter 12447

I belong to a small group in Brooklyn, NY where we feed the homeless each year.  We’ve been doing this for 25 years.

I am working part time at UPS and I am the nighttime shop Stewart.

I have two boys that are in the Air Force.  I have a wife and two kids.  My wife is going to be a retired VA veteran from New York City this year and we are looking for our  second chapter in our life. My wife and I agree that moving to Pennsylvania with our 11 year old daughter who has Asperger syndrome, would be better for our daughter in a rural area.  We could teach her how to respect the land that puts food on the table and helps to feed others.

Our plan is to get started this year May of 2020 - start off small and within five years own our farm.

Deeply appreciate someone willing to lease or rent a section of their land for our growing needs.

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: No

Farm Type: Livestock Vegetable

County: Monroe

Acres: 1 to 10

Farming Method: Organic

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