Entering Farmer 20139

I'm seeking to own a farm and raise livestock within three years. I grew up intermittently on a family farm in the Columbia River Gorge, spent several seasons doing trail work, and was active duty Army in an Infantry unit for four years.  I do have experience with raising cattle and have an interest in raising pastured pigs.

I love being outdoors in the real world, and I am losing the best part of my skills as a human being while I sit in an office. I hope to make a contribution to the land in Pennsylvania and honor the culture that has existed for so long.

I'm looking to own a business either way within the next couple years, and the prospect of owning a business in Philadelphia seems overly frustrating. I currently work for the federal government in a regulatory capacity related to waterways and feel that this gives me an edge in planning the features of any farm I may be able to contribute to. I have extensive and well-mastered skills related to drainage management, trail building, road/turnpike building, and forestry skills with heavy equipment and chainsaws--this is a skillset I actually enjoy and its simply dying on the vine while I work in an office.

I'm seeking more fulfillment and contact with real life that working on and owning a farm will afford.   

I am willing to work temporarily on a farm with the right situation.  While I'm willing to work on a conventionally farmed operation, when I farm for myself I will aim to farm using permaculture, organic, and holistic farming methods.

Goal is to lease farm land or lease to own.  Looking for 5-100 acres - open to any size operation.

Housing needs: Would prefer to live near or on a farm but am willing to seek housing off the farm if housing is not available.

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: No

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: No

Farm Type: Livestock

Region: Region 3

Farming Method: Organic

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