Entering Farmer 20125

I am a young and beginning farmer that has always been interested in farming and agriculture. I did not grow up on a farm myself but raised animals in 4-H and FFA and worked on neighboring farms growing up. I currently farm 95 acres for myself and have been doing so and growing my acres for the past three years. I have over 8 years experience in the agricultural industry and have learned a lot over the eight years about raising livestock and growing crops. I'm looking for farmland to rent to grow row crops on and also barns or a shed to raise cattle in and store equipment. I would also be open to rent to own situations.

Reason: My reason for looking for a farm to to be able to farm for myself some day and be able to make my living off of the farm and not have to work off of the farm. This has been my goal for many years.

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: No

Currently Has Herd: Yes

Use Land For Crop Production: Yes

Farm Type: Crops Livestock

County: Cumberland

Region: Region 6

Acres: 51 to 100

Farming Method: Conventional

Current Marketing: Other Direct Marketing Outlets

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