Entering Farmer 20066

I'm aspiring to find a small, seasonal grazing dairy that either already has, or has the potential to support an on-site yogurt/cheese processing plant and farm store/store-bakery. I do have experience with livestock and vegetable production as well.  I have a bachelor's degree and a 9 month certificate training in organic vegetable production.

Am looking to utilize organic practices and will determine the best marketing strategies for the area I settle in.  My interests and skill-sets have expanded beyond dairy therefore I am interested and open to operations/set-ups that are conducive to smaller scale operations.

Looking for as few as 5-10 acres to 75 acres.

Reason: Aspiring to start small agricultural business.

Info: It would be most ideal to find an established set-up as I've previously described, where I could work in exchange for farm investment and mentorship. I have contacts in Columbia county, so it would be great to be by them, but I also like the western region of the state because it's closer to my MI family. I am open to negotiation and discussion of all possibilities. Please refer to my previous answers and my cover letter for more information.

Dairy Info: Looking for less than 100 cow operation. Plans on using land for crop production. Has over 5 years experience in the dairy industry.

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: Yes

Dairy Size: Less than 100 cows

Experience: 7 or more

Farm Type: Dairy

County: Columbia

Acres: 51 to 100

Farming Method: Organic

Current Marketing: Not Sure

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