Entering Farmer 20052

I grew up on a dairy farm and have been dairying all of my life, milking full time since I was 13 (44years). Myself and my wife and 2 boys, 14 and 11 are currently farming 160 acres that we own in south central Missouri. We are grazing a herd of Jerseys and have a small flock of sheep. We are using sustainable farming practices and I have participated in a Missouri Extension grazing school. We would like to move back to the east coast closer to family.  We are looking to buy or lease to buy.

Reason: Would like to move back to the east coast closer to family.

Info: We would like to buy and would consider lease to buy. Need a house and dairy facilities on the farm.

Dairy Info: Dairy-related information Do you currently have a herd that you would like to bring into a facility? Yes What size of dairy operation are you seeking to manage? Less than 100 cows Do you plan on using the land base for crop production? Yes How many years of experience do you have in the area of dairy farming? over 5 years

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: Yes

Use Land For Crop Production: Yes

Dairy Size: Less than 100 cows

Experience: 7 or more

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