Entering Farmer 20045

I'm an established farmer with 39 years of experience. My 2 boys have started farming with me. We bale hay on our farm and sell to the horse market in SE PA. We also buy hay to resell. We would like to expand our hay acreage. Ideally, looking for 100-300 acres of ground to make hay on. Bare ground without a house is ok. A barn would be desirable but not required. Looking to rent.

Reason: Ideally, looking for 100-300 acres of ground to make hay on.

Formulated Business Plan: Yes

Marketing Plan: Yes

Currently Has Herd: No

Use Land For Crop Production: No

Experience: 7 or more

Experience Over 7 Years: 39

Additional Farming Methods: no til

Farm Type: Crops

County: Chester

Acres: 101 to 200

Farming Method: Conventional

Current Marketing: On Farm Store/Stand

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