Pennsylvania Farm Link has been devoted to “creating farming opportunities for the next generation since 1994.” It was established by folks with a vision for the future of Pennsylvania agriculture and a concern for the effective transition of Pennsylvania farm businesses.

7.7 million acres are devoted to agriculture use and of those 3.1 million acres (41%) are owned by farmers age 55 and older, according to 2012 NASS agriculture statistics. It is imperative to business and industry in Pennsylvania that these rural businesses are successfully transferred to the next generation of farmers.


This is accomplished through an online database of beginning farmers seeking a situation as well as landowners looking for someone to purchase or lease their farm so it may continue in production agriculture.


Farm Link works with farm owners encouraging them to develop a transition/succession plan for their farm. This provides the next generation of farmers with opportunities to farm. Pennsylvania Farm Link seeks to facilitate the needed conversations allowing the farmer to accomplish their goals for the farm. For more information contact Darlene at 717-705-2121 or email farmland@pafarmlink.org


Workshops are offered to assist new/beginning farmers with the knowledge and resources needed to move forward with their goal to farm. Transition and succession workshops allow farmers to evaluate their retirement goals, options available to pass on the farm within family or beyond family.

Resource Central:

Resources are provided to beginning farmers as well as established farmers and landowners through “Resource Central” the online resource library. Resource Central provides links to business planning, transition planning, legal, leasing, financial, professional organizations as well as technical items. If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us, we will do our best to provide it.

Seeking to provide “one stop shopping,” Pennsylvania Farm Link also offers an all inclusive calendar of events. Our desire is to allow you to find what you’re looking for all in one location.

Our website allows us to “create farming opportunities for the next generation.” As we seek to assist with the transition of 4,261,991 acres of land keeping it in agriculture production for years to come.