Welcome to Pennsylvania Farm Link, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to “creating farming opportunities for the next generation.”

PFL accomplishes this mission through a land linking database which matches landowners with prospective entering farmers. Entering farmers are looking for land to establish their business; landowners are seeking someone to lease or purchase their farm and desire the land remain in farming. Through Pennsylvania Farm Link’s database, both goals may be met. This process positively impacts Pennsylvania Agriculture as well as economic and business and industry through out the Commonwealth.

Assisting both entering farmer and landowners to make these links possible is accomplished through educational workshops for new/beginning farmers to educate them on the necessities to enter the business. PFL seeks to paint a realistic picture of farming and encourages them to research and gain experience in farming as they develop a business plan. Being prepared is a key factor to success.

Farm Succession/Transition workshops offer participants an opportunity to explore various aspects of creating a farm succession plan from financial challenges, to legal aspects, to communication challenges within a farm family.  Certified transition facilitators are available to discuss farm business succession planning upon request.  Farm owners are always encouraged to work through important succession questions as they consider the future of their farm operation.

Behind every strong farm operation is a solid succession plan. Farming is a complex business which requires much wisdom, aptitude, and knowledge not only in Agriculture but business & marketing as well. Without all three a farm operation may not succeed with today’s markets and economic challenges.

Pennsylvania Farm Link seeks to provide a vast array of web resources through our online library and materials. We believe you’ll find these tools a great asset.

If you have further questions or need assistance please call 717-705-2121 or email us at farmland@pafarmlink.org. We look forward to serving you and if you align yourself with our mission please consider financially supporting Pennsylvania Farm Link. We are grateful for your financial support which will allow us to expand our services to Pennsylvania Agriculture.