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Farmers And Landowners In Pennsylvania

Leading Pennsylvania’s economy with $5.7 billion dollar in sales each year, Pennsylvania’s future depends on agriculture. 7.7 million acres are devoted to agriculture use and of those 4.2 million acres (54%) are owned by farmers age 55 and over, according to 2007 NASS agriculture statistics. If agriculture is to remain Pennsylvania’s largest industry it’s imperative for these acres to transition to the next generation of farmers.

Pennsylvania Farm Link, a 501c3 non-profit, is dedicated to the mission of creating farming opportunities for the next generation; with the goal of ensuring farmlands such as these stay in farming. This is accomplished through an online database. Seeking farm land?Click here.Want someone to take over your farm?Click here.Don’t know where to start with your farm transition/succession plan?Click here.Looking for farm business resources?Check out Resource Central.

It is a daunting task. However, Pennsylvania Farm Link’s goal is to serve Pennsylvania agriculture and ensure the 4.2 million acres of Pennsylvania lands remain in agriculture production for many years.

Farmland Leasing & Land Opportunities Workshop


Great information shared at the Chester County PA Farm Link Farmland Leasing Workshop July 22nd.  Attorney Sean High, PSU shared valued information on leasing needs and Mr. Jim Moore, Elverson, Pa discussed how drones were beneficial in the agricultural industry.

AG PROGRESS DAYS - Come visit with Executive Director Darlene Livingston at the PA Farm Link Booth!

This year if you stop and visit the PA Farm Link Booth you could be eligible to sign up as either an “Entering Farmer” or “Landowner” for free, a $75 value! If you are planning a visit to APD, August 16th - 18th, be sure to access the PA Farm Link website to search the “Landowner” and “Entering Farmer” database in your area. This could be the chance you’ve been waiting for to take the next step in your future farming or retirement plans!

Ag Progress Days is held at the Russell Larson Ag Research Center in Rock Springs, PA and is hosted by the College of Ag Sciences at Penn State.  Look for the PA Farm Link booth at: Building A – Ag Choice.  Booth A412 (Near West 6th Street).

This event showcases products like Ag Progress Days has something for everyone, from the most dedicated of farmers to the average family looking for a fun and educational way to spend the day etc. in the Agriculture & Forestry industry.

Farm Succession Workshop

03-Nov-2016  PA Farm Link Farm Succession Workshop Honesdale, PA - Wayne County More details to come... MORE >

PA Farm Link Board Meeting November 2016

09-Nov-2016 The November board meeting for PA Farm Link will be held at 11:30 with a light lunch available. Me.. MORE >

Growing PA's Organic Farms Annual Conference

14-Dec-2016  Growing PA's Organic Farms Annual Conference will be held in Harrisburg, PA. Look for more deta.. MORE >



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